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Sauna is a physical cultural occasion that organises hearth, regulation and nerve systems. The main principle is to create fast changes in the body temperature. It is a warm, quiet place that one can relax both physically and mentally. The heat relaxes muscles, improves circulation and releases endorphins. While the skin surface heaths up 10 degrees, there is a 1 degree temperature incease under the skin. Thus the body produces antibody which fights with illnesses.

Blood flow increases as the veins get larger. In order to keep the temperature low, body produces a lot of sweat, which eliminates dead skin and creates a fresh and soft skin surface. Deep sweating in a sauna helps reducing levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, and other chemicals, which are all toxins commonly absorbed from the environment.
Sweating and increased blood pressure requires more oxygen, so the body burns calories between 300-500, same amount of running 3-4 km. After a physical sport, the heath relaxes muscle by reducing muscle tension and lactic acid. Sauna improves sleeping quality by gently reducing the endorphin levels at bedtime. As we progress through our stressful lives, sauna is not a luxury anymore. It provides a calming and refreshing treat, where we can relax, sooth our body and soul.

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